Rear Suspension

This page cover the rear suspension. A suspension overview is here. Other relevant pages are accessible via the buttons below:

Rear Upright

The picture below shows the right-side rear upright as it would be viewed when looking at the right side of the car.

NOTE: The position of C and D are swapped!

IDLeft SideRight SideDescriptionMaterial
A  SLC-RR-TP-01L SLC-RR-TP-01R Upright Top Aluminum
B  SLC-RR-UR-01L SLC-RR-UR-01R Upright Aluminum
C  -  - Upper Bump Steer Bushing Aluminum
D  -  - Lower Bump Steet Bushing Aluminum
E  SLC-RR-TOE-01RL Same Toe Link Aluminum
F - - Rear Tie Rod Aluminum
G  SLCRRLBJP  Same Lower Ball Joint Plate Steel
IDQty.DescriptionAnti SiezeTorque (lb. ft.)
F1 3 7/16"-14 x 1-1/4" Socket Head Cap Screw Yes  ???
F2 3 7/16" Socket Cap Washer  -  -
F3 2 5/16"-18 x 1-1/4" Socket Head Cap Screw Yes  ???
F4 2 5/16" Socket Cap Washer  - -
F5 1 1/2"-13 x 8" Grade 8 Screw  - -
F6 2 1/2" Grade 8 Washer  -  -
F7 1 1/2"-13 Grade 8 Nut  -  ???
F8 4 7/16"-14 x 2" Socket Head Cap Screw Yes  ???

REar Hubs

Note that the rear hubs are high-quality Corvette C4 hubs custom made for Superlite in the USA. They are higher quality than the OEM part and higher quality than most of the aftermarket parts. Please contact us to order replacement hubs.

IDLeft SideRight SideDescriptionMaterial
A  108-NI-0-.5-HUB Same Stub Axle Steel
B SLC-RR-UR-01L SLC-RR-UR-01R Upright Aluminum
C 513020 Same Hub Steel
IDQty.DescriptionAnti SiezeTorque (lb. ft.)
F1 3 M12-1.75 x 70 mm Socket Head Cap Screw - ??? 
F2 3 M12 Grade 8 Washer - -
F3 1 Axle Nut - ???
F4 1 ??? Cotter Pin  - -

The following tools are required to dissemble the hub from the stub axle: 10 mm long hex bit socket, 36 mm deep socket, 30 mm socket and a puller (optional).

To disassemble:

  • Remove the cotter pin (F4). Note that cotter pins should not be reused.

  • Remove the axle nut (F3).

  • Remove the stub axle (A). Note that a puller makes this easy and prevents damaging the bearings in the hub.

  • Remove fasteners F1. Note that you'll have to do this in two passes as the first bolt can't be removed until the other two are loose.

To Assemble

  • Bolt hub (C) to upright using fasteners F1 and F2. The hub is attached to the side of the upright with the four shallow recesses (the axle side has deep recesses.

  • Apply anti-seize to the spines and threads on the stub axle (A).

  • Tighten the axle nut (F3).

  • Install a new cotter pin (F4) into the axle stub (A).

Rear Suspension Cross Brace

The rear suspension cross brace is made from 1.5" round tube steel. The transaxle support plate bracket will need to be weld to it. In addition I need to figure out how to mount the rear sway bar to it. Finally, I plan to implement a new hinging system for the tail that transfers the loads generated by the wing to the cross brace. It will be fairly involved to get right.

Note that there are no washers, safety washers or spacers between the heim joints and their double shear mounting points.