The kit comes with a 13" (330 mm) quick-release steering wheel. It's completely functional, but it makes the interior look like a kit car. The plan is to see if I can find an OEM wheel and retrofit it be a quick release. Ideally the wheel will have multiple buttons and dials. I looked at used Ferrari wheels, but they're $4k and that's before any customization or mistakes. I can't use the air bag, so I can buy a used steering wheel and I'll have a fair amount of space to 3D print parts. Here's the switches that would be nice.

MoTeC D153 Display

MoTeC D153 Display

  • Horn

  • Display Page (switch)

  • Volume (up/down switches)

  • Traction control (dial)

  • Suspension setting (multi-position rotary or push button)

  • MoTeC screen (3.54")?

Steering Wheel Companies:

Ferrari 458


  • Ferrari 360:

  • Ferrari 458:

    • 199406 NUT CAP $0.60

    • 199222 NUT $2.00

    • 152034 WASHER $8.50

Turn Indicators

Quickly press to activate and the relative indicator light on the instrument panel comes on. The turn indicator goes off when the steering wheel is realigned. Holding down or more than 0.3 seconds temporarily switches on the relevant turn indicator and switches is off after 3 flashes (“lane change” function).

Windshield Wiper & Washer

The windscreen wipers and washer are operated using lever which must be pressed towards the dashboard or pulled back according to the function you require. The windscreen wipers have 4 different speeds:

  1. OFF Windscreen wipers stationary.

  2. AUTO The rain sensor adjusts the windscreen wiper timing to the intensity of the rain.

  3. Slow continuous operation

  4. Fast continuous operation

With the wipers stationary (OFF), quickly pressing lever A towards the dashboard activates the windscreen wipers in AUTO speed.

With the wipers on, quickly pressing the lever towards the dashboard increases windscreen wiper speed (from AUTO to 1, from 1 to 2).

With the wipers set to AUTO or OFF, holding the lever towards the dashboard activates maximum speed (2). With speed 1 or 2, on the other hand, the windscreen wipers stop.

With the wipers on, quickly pulling lever A back decreases windscreen wipers speed (from 2 to 1, from 1 to AUTO, from AUTO to OFF).

To activate the windscreen washer, keep lever A pulled. When the lever is released, the windscreen wiper returns to the preset speed.

High Beams

To turn on the high beams when the light switch A is set to , pull back lever B on the steering wheel. When the high beams are on, the relative warning light on the instrument panel comes on. Then push lever B towards the dashboard or pull it back to turn off the high beams and turn on the low beams.

The headlights can be flashed by pushing the left-hand lever B towards the dashboard. Flashing also occurs with lights off if the ignition key is set to II. The high beams are used for flashing.


Press the ENGINE START button to start the engine. When the engine has started, release the ENGINE START button.Do not hold the ENGINE START button down for a long time.


  • Low-grip mode: This is the maximum safety driving mode. Recommended in low-grip conditions.

  • SPORT mode: This is the ideal setting for vehicle performance recommended for everyday driving.

  • RACE mode: This mode offers maximum performance and stability in high grip conditions and is particularly suitable when using the vehicle on track.

  • CT OFF mode: When this mode is selected, the F1-Trac traction control system is disabled whereas stability control remains active. This setting is used on the racing track.

  • CST OFF mode: This mode allows the driver complete freedom and control of the vehicle for track use. No electronic system other than the E-Diff controls vehicle stability.

Warning: In low- to medium-grip conditions (e.g. wet, icy, sandy roads), do not deactivate the CST system. For further information on the driving modes that can be selected, refer to the paragraph “Driving using the driving mode control” on page 148.

Suspension Dampening De-coupling:

Separatess the suspension damping control from the logic of the “Manettino” driving mode control switch.

Cosworth CAN SWITCH Board (CSB)

  • Datasheet; User Guide

  • From the INDYCAR Rule Book: “ All input switches on the steering wheel must indicate their position directly through the Cosworth CAN Switch Board (C"SB) without any control interruption of the physical position of the switch.”

  • USB to Serial Port:

    • Gearmo USB 2.0 RS-232 Serial Adapter with LED Indicators; User Guide

    • Appears As: FT232R USB UART [USB Serial Port (COM5)]

  • 115k2 Baud, 8 data bits, one stop bit and parity.

F1-Style Parts




Steering Linkage

TBD picture

1 TBD Shoulder Bolt
  TBD Grade 8 Washer
2 TBD Aluminum Safety Washer
1 TBD Grade 8 Nyloc

Steering COlumn

(1) 80173 Windshield Wiper Switch $40.99

(4) 10-24 x 3/4" Stainless Steel Button Head Screw

(1) TMC-00901 2-Speed, Self-Parking Heavy Duty Wiper Motor (12V, 110 degree sweep, 1" shaft) [140800901011]

QUick RElease

I spent a lot of time looking for a good quick release and I found Krontec. Not cheap, but really as outlined by Bimmer World below. Specifications:

  • Deutsch Autosport 22 pin connector

  • 6 x 70mm PCD bolt pattern such as Momo, OMP, Sparco, Motacorsa and many more

Few parts in our racing industry are really revolutionary - but this one stopped us in our tracks when we saw it. After years of dealing with hex, then splined, then nicer splined quick releases for steering wheels, the result is always the same - most brands don’t index the wheel so it is straight when you click it on, get sloppy as they age, and doesn’t give you a positive lock indication so you know the wheel is in fact locked on the car, not just stuck on with a combination of corrosion, rust, and dirt.

The Krontec is completely different. The weld-on section (welds to your column) is both tear-shaped and tapered depth-wise. The result - it centers the wheel perfectly and easily. It glides the wheel on the column. And the locking mechanism both clearly defines when the wheel locks on, and provides a 100% positive-lock so it cannot come off unintentionally. And oddly enough, for a steering quick release which is a critical link to your control of the car, this is the only piece on the market that performs this function so precisely.
— Bimmer World

Steering Rack

The steering rack has a slow ratio. I assume that this is because SLCs have big, sticky tires and almost none have power steering. Unless you have Popeye arms, parking wouldn’t be fun. The rack moves 38 mm per revolution of the steering wheel and has a lock-to-lock travel of 125 mm yielding 3.3 turns lock-to-lock. I’m going to replace it with a custom rack spec’d by Agile Automotive. It travels 49 mm per revolution resulting in 2.6 turns lock-to-lock, a 29% increase in speed.

Qty. Part Number Description Unit Price Ext. Price
1 n/a Custom Steering Rack (49 mm per revolution) $1,000.00 $1,000.00
1 EPAS102 Pro Height-Adjustable Steering Column $ $
1 EPAS100 Pro MGU Shortened Power Steering Motor/Gearbox $ $
1 EPAS108 Pro Street Power Steering ECU $ $
1 QR-03-22P Krontec Quick Release Steering Wheel Boss With 22 Electrical Connection $500.00 $500.00
1 QR-20 Krontec 20mm Steering Wheel Spacer $75.00 $75.00
1 Link Steering Wheel Weld On Column Adapter 6x70mm PCD × 1 Standard $47.85 $47.85