S2 Wiper Switch Module

OEM right stalk vs. the Painless Performance switch

The S2 Wiper Switch Module replaces the right stalk on the steering column with a Painless Performance 80173 Windshield Wiper Switch mounted in a 3D-printed container that snaps into the steering column exactly as the OEM stalk does. As can be seen in the picture below, it's much smaller than the stalk which, because of the SL-C's tight cockpit, extends into the middle of the center binnacle. It also removes a bunch of features that aren't available with the SL-C's wiring harness. 

The switch has two primary purposes: (1) pressing the knob in activates a monetary contact for wiper fluid and (2) rotating it controls the speed via the following three positions:

  • Off (Fully counterclockwise)

  • Low (One click clockwise)

  • Off (Fully/two clicks clockwise)

Note that the wiper motor and the Infinity Wire configuration included with the SL-C kit only supports off and one speed setting. You can leave these features unsupported or add custom support for them or re-purpose them.

Ensure That the Steering Column COVERS Fit

This section has nothing to with installing the switch, but it's critical that you ensure that the top and bottom steering column covers fit properly before you do anything:

Top cover mounting points A and B

Access hole used to mount the left bolt in the top cover

  • Use painters tape to protect the left stalk. You're keeping it and you don't want to scratch it.

  • Mount the upper cover:

    • Thread a 10-24 x 3/4" bolt into the left mounting post and a 10-24 x 1/2" bolt into the right mounting post. Note that you may need to tap the posts.

    • Remove the bolts.

    • Place the top cover on the steering cover. Ensure that:

      • The right post slides into the circular recess (A).

      • The left post rests on a mounting tab (B). Note that there is a piece of metal that prevents you from using a long hex key, but there is an access hole as shown in the picture with the yellow T-handle key.

  • Mount the lower cover with a 10-24 x 3/4" bolt into the left and a 10-24 x 1/2" on the right.

  • Ensure that the upper cover doesn't collide with the monocoque when you move the steering wheel through its entire tilt range. While you might never drive with the steering wheel in this position you may find it useful to tilt the wheel when working on the car and you don't want a collision. The factory cuts the top cover, but mine required some cutting and grinding with a Dremel. NOTE: I haven't mounted the dash yet, but I assume that it will cover the additional cut!

  • Note that there is a third post in the rear of the top cover. I cut this off as it seemed to interfere with proper fitment and I didn't see how to fasten it. Let me know if you need to do this so that I can update the instructions.

  • Check the upper/lower seams on the left and right and ensure that everything lines up.

Solder wires to the Switch

Although the switch has blades to accept push on electrical connectors these were slightly trimmed to fit into the required space. You need to solder wires to the tabs and run the wires through the strain relief at the bottom of the module. Note that the OEM wire harness is also soldered to the module. The wiring instructions are pretty simple and are provided below.

Install the Switch Module

  • Remove the top and bottom covers.

  • Remove the right stalk. This is done by squeezing the top and bottom clips towards the center of the module while pulling out. You may need to rock the module from top to bottom as well.

  • Once the right stalk is removed you can easily separate it from the rest of the steering column harness by opening two reusable wire ties.

  • Slide the S2 Wiper Switch Module into the slot.

  • You may need to slightly bend the upper and lower mounting clips outwards so that they apply pressure to the holes in the steering column -- and get the satisfying, but not required, click). Do this carefully so that you don't snap the clips off.

  • Ensure that the switch is held in place by the mounting clips. If not, remove the module and repeat the above step.

Check Fitment

  • Reinstall the top and bottom covers and ensure that the upper/lower cover seams still match.

  • Ensure that switch module isn't interfering and has even clearance (i.e., looks nice). It's not perfect, but it should be very close. Note that OEM stalks have a fair amount of space from the plastic covers. Let me know what you think.

  • I suggest that you remove the left stalk to get it out of the way for the rest of the build. It gets in the way, but the one on the right no longer does! This can be done by removing the two T25 Torx bolts shown below.

Left stalk mounting bolts C and D