Front Suspension

This page covers the front suspension. There is a suspension overview here. The buttons below link to other suspension-related pages: 

Front Upright

IDLeft SideRight SideDescriptionMaterial
A  SLC-FR-ST-ARM-01L  SLC-FR-ST-ARM-01R Steering Arm Aluminum
B  SLC-FR-TP-01L  SLC-FR-TP-01R Upright Top Aluminum
C SLCFRLBJP  Same*** Upright Aluminum
D  SLCRRLBJP  Same Lower Ball Joint Plate Steel

***Note that when I machined the uprights for the improved wheel hubs a small chamfer was added to the outside edge of the upright, so my uprights are handed.

IDQty.DescriptionAnti SiezeTorque (foot-pounds)
F1 2 3/8"-16 x 2" Socket Head Cap Screw Yes* 49
F2 2 3/8" Socket Cap Washer    
F3 2 3/8" Grade 8 Washer    
F4 2 3/8" Grade 8 Nyloc   39
F5 3 7/16"-14 x 1-1/4" Socket Head Cap Screw Yes 61
F6 3  7/16" Socket Cap Washer    
F7 4 7/16"-14 x 2" Socket Head Cap Screw Yes 61

*Note that the Steering Arm (A) is threaded and that a washer and lock nut is used as well. The first 1-3/4" of the (F1) bolts should be coated with anti-seize and torqued. Any anti-sieze that is on the threads sticking out of the bottom for the Steering Arm (A) should be removed with acetone. The washers and nylocs should then be added and torqued.

Front Control Arms

IDLeft SideRight SideDescriptionMaterial
A  n/a  Same Top Front Control Arm Aluminum
B  SLC-FR-LCA-01RL  Same Bottom Front Control Arm Aluminum
C  n/a  Same Suspension Mounting Bracket Assembly Steel

Note that the upper control arms don't appear to have part numbers and it appears that they are completely symetrical (i.e., you can swap left to right and from top to bottom).

IDQty.DescriptionAnti SiezeTorque (foot-pounds)
F1 6 Male Heim Joint ???5/8"-18??? Yes n/a
F2 6 Nut NO! ??? 
F3 12 Aluminum Safety Washer    
F4 24 1/2" Grade 8 Washer   39
F5 2 Shoulder Screw   ???
  2 1/2"-13 Grade 8 Nut    
  1 ??? Grade 8 Washer (it's bent up)    
F6 8 3/8"-16 Grade 8 Washer    
F7 8 3/8"-16 Grade 8 Hex Head Screw No  

Front Hubs

TBD - copy several blog posts on this topic here.

Qty. Part Number Description Unit Price Ext. Price
2 20018 Hoosier C4 Billet Front Wheel Hub Assembly $699.00 $1,198.00 
1 n/a Machine Front Uprights and Hubs $440.00 $440.00 
1 n/a Powdercoat Four Lower Ball Joint Plates $135.00 $135.00 
1 P28782 Socket Cap Washer, Zinc Finish, Steel, 7/16 (Pack of 100) $79.07 $79.07 
2 PT1357 ACDelco GM Original Equipment Multi-Purpose Pigtail $14.53 $29.06