MAC Center

  • 617-364-1607 (Michael)

  • Same or larger cubic displacement

  • Registered in MA last 5 years

  • Cobra

    • Warren Fowler (6/18/2015) (866) 941-6277

  • New contractor

    • 844-358-0135 (Main number)

    • Motorist Assistant Center (MAC)


    • Norwood; original ticket number 70903 ref number; notes

      • Spoke with Mike at the Norwood MAC center; must have been registered in MA one year in last 5 years; must be 73 or older; indicated he’d get back to me with information

    • New Ticket: 90305; created on 1/15/19


  • Laser Engraving: depth can vary between 0.02″ in metals to 0.125″ in harder materials.

  • Laser Etching: usually no more than 0.001”

  • ALUMA Photo Plate: etch; jpeg

  • A1 Engraving; CorelDraw X6

  • Universal Marking; lots of options; must provide material; vector

  • The Tag Place; etching, laser engraving, rotary engraving (volume?, custom shape?)

  • Innotech Laser; laser cutting and engraving; military spec; (sent email)

  • No GO:

    • ID Plates; custom shapes; chemical etching; not good for low volume, about $200/plate for one off

    • Machine Plates; stainless; durablack; won’t do ANY modern VIN plates


  • Hagherty: they insure my cobra and they also ensure kit cars while they’re being built. However, since the SL-C isn’t a classic car they won’t cover it.

  • American Collectors: it will go on the track at some point

  • Heacock Classic Cars: must be 80% complete

  • Leland-West: would do it, but not in Massachusetts

  • Grundy: no

  • Condons Kelly: must be in a collection if it's exotic

  • Classic Auto Insurance: not while under construction

  • Safe Co: not while under construction

  • Garden City Insurance; (underwritten by American Modern); OK if under construction. Won’t write in Massachusetts. OK with Montana registration

  • My insurance agent got Hagerty, American Collectors, Quaker, SRL, K&K, Heacock, Grundy, Lockton, and Leland West.

  • Chizmark Larson: “Program is designed to protect the competition vehicles from physical damage losses due to fire, theft, trailer upset, comprehensive losses and most physical damage losses while the vehicle is not operating under power.The car is not covered when it’s under it’s own power.” I called to clarify and if the engine is running on while the car is up on stands, it’s deemed to be operating under power and is not covered. $2,697. ($1