One Step Forward... Not so Fast

Original on left and Timken on right

In the last post I talked about the custom reluctors that I was designing to support wheel speed sensors. After posting those pictures, ScottR, another SL-C builder let me know that he was planning on replacing his with the Timken 513085. These are aftermarket replacements that have an integrated reluctor and speed sensor. At $225 each they are less expensive that adding a sensor, reluctor and bracket to the existing hubs. More importantly the reluctor and sensor are encased so it will be a more reliable solution that isn't subjected to weather or going out of alignment.

So I ordered two... and they don't fit! The red line in the picture above indicates the part of the Timken which collides with the part of the upright indicated by the red arrow. The issue prevents the hub from being inserted the final 0.15". I think that I would have to modify the waterproof cap and machine the lip that the cap sits on. A fair amount of work that compromises the watertight seal.

Alternatively, I could machine the upright. I don't think this will compromise the upright, but I'm not qualified to make that judgement and I'd have to send it a machine shop to have it done.

Another builder, Ken, let me know about some really nice hubs from Hoosier Performance Engineering. They are made with tapered roller bearings rather that the standard OEM-style ball bearings and are custom machined out of 4140 and 4340 chromemoly billet alloys for superior strength. At $699 each they aren't cheap, but they sure are nice. If they will fit without modification, they night be the way to go. Even if they don't fit, they are designed to be re-buildable so they might be easier to modify.