Oil Reservoir Filler Completed

I finished filler for the oil reservoir discussed in a previous thread. I replaced the black oxide screws with black anodized aluminum ones because I didn’t want them to rust and I created a design for the cap and had it laser etched.

The oil reservoir’s fill cap was cut off and replaced with a -16 AN weld bung. -16 fittings are huge and they were too close together to use a short piece of hose, so I had to create a bigger loop than I originally anticipated. I considered using a short piece of hard line, but I figured that the body would flex more than the chassis.

Since a dipstick won’t work, I bought an oil level sight tube kit from Peterson Fluid Systems which required more welding. I didn’t like how far the tube projected from reservoir so I replaced the female ORB weld bung and male AN adapter with a male AN weld bung. Lighter, half the parts and it sticks out less.

I spent a couple of hours trying to figure out how to fit the scavenge filter specified by Daily Engineering. It’s huge (9.7” x 2.5”) and it requires large -16 fittings. If the oil reservoir were located in front of the rear tire it would be a lot easier, but it’s against the firewall and it’s really tight. I found an XRP filter that’s 3 inches shorter so I’m going to see what Daily thinks about using it.