"Beer Holder" Enigma Solved

The SL-C has two large recesses in the body which are covered when the tail is closed. Lots’s of builders, myself included, ask their purpose. A common response is that they’re for holding a beers. While they’re perfect for that, they’re typically used to hold stuff when working in the engine compartment before the car is painted. Once the car is functional they become unwanted water reservoirs and are usually drilled.

They were originally a place to mount the body to the chassis. The chassis changed, but it wasn’t economical to change the body mold.

In any event, to make room for the cold air induction box located next to the rear vent, I had to mount my oil reservoir near the firewall which would require me to use a long funnel to fill it. What to do?… fabricate a remote oil filler and locate it in the beer holder.

I bought a billet screw-on cap and a -12 AN weld bung. I then used the Wazer to cut an aluminum weld plate, a cork spacer and a carbon fiber trim ring. The spacer was used to pad the cap down so that it was below the surface of the body. Everything was welded on the inside diameter. Welding the outside diameter would have been easier, but I didn’t want oil to get trapped between the weld plate and the weld bung or cap body. The weld bung is offset to make it easier to run a hose from the filler to the tank. The cap fits perfectly inside of the beer holder (i.e., my fingers easily fit between the body and the cap), but I need to increase the OD of the carbon fiber ring to better fill the space and counter sink the flat-head screws. The next step is to modify the top of the oil reservoir, connect it to the filler with some hose and laser etch the cap.