Nose Hinge Group Buy

First batch of 15 hinge sets

Bob and I offered our nose hinge to the SL-C community in what’s know as a “group buy” and so far we have 25 orders. The picture shows the first batch of 15 sets of hinges. That’s 210 billet parts, 75 laser-cut parts and 870 miscellaneous parts.

We made a couple of design improvements. Most notably, we improved the aesthetics of the ball bearing. In the first iteration we used a nyloc to hold the shoulder bolt in place. In the second iteration we added a washer to hide the ball bearing and then machined a longer shoulder bolt to the perfect length and then tapped it for a button-head screw. The result is a completely streamlined appearance. Version one is priced at $700 and version two is priced at $730.