Fuel Tank Mounting Brackets

To securely mount the fuel tank I fabricated the top brackets out of 1/4" x 4" x 4" aluminum angle. For the front bracket I used 1/4" x 2" aluminum. Because the closeout panel sits on top of the 2" x 6" cross member I made some spacers to clear the close out panel out of 1/2" aluminum bar (the cutout in the middle is to make them lighter). I had Abe, formerly of Kaizen Tuning, TIG weld them to the tank... his welds are a little nicer than mine;-) Most builders tap holes into the 2" x 6" cross member, but I decided to through bolt through it with 3/8" grade 8 screws. After all of that was done, I covered all of the tank's surfaces with vibration damper, which made it a lot heavier!