Rotary Controller

The family CEO allowed me to go to SEMA, the world's largest automotive show, last year. You won't see any production cars there. It's focused on automotive suppliers, aftermarket parts and cool/insane custom-built cars and it's only open to people in the industry. My friend Will and I walked it all which is a lot to do in three days.

One of the primary things I was looking for was a rotary controller that I could integrate into my MoTeC ECU and PDMs. While I found several they were typically designed to work with a proprietary screen which meant that integration was a big question. I was really disappointed that MoTeC didn’t have a booth.

However, this week I received some parts from my MoTeC supplier and this marketing flyer was in the box...

The ability to configure menus and sub menus via their PC-based application is really cool. They don’t have anything on their website yet and the spec sheets aren’t available yet, but I have one on order. I think it's a great valentine's gift for the car;-)