Restomod Manual Climate Controls

Although my climate settings can be controlled via a smartphone app, I want manual controls in case the batteries run out on the phone, I forget my phone or the bluetooth interface has a glitch. The climate controls for most home built cars are awful. IMO Restomod makes the nicest ones on the market. I had their Reactor control on back order, but they announced their Elevate controller at SEMA and I dropped by their booth to check it out. They're less expensive so that's the only booth visit that saved me money!

Like their other controls the Elevate control are made from billet 6061 aluminum. However, the knobs are completely flush until you push them at which point they pop out. They are very compact, look great and have a nice feel. I went with red LED back lighting, but I can easily change them to white, green, blue or cyan. The only thing thing that I don't like is that each of the four twist in/out LED modules have two wires hanging out the back. I'll need to clean that up when I figure out where I'm installing the controller.