Transaxle; Not So Fast

Sleeve guide

Sleeve guide

I want to temporarily mount the transaxle and axles so that I understand what space I have left for all of the other systems. So, I'm not going to mount the flywheel, pressure plate and clutch at this time.

The first step was to mount the two sleeve guides (part number F5RZ-6397-C) into the transaxle. They're a tight fit and they need to be gently tapped in so as to not crack the cast aluminum. 

The next step was to mount the adapters to the hubs on the transaxle using the bolts and lock washers provided by The Drive Shaft Shop. I was only able to install one, because I am missing one of the lock washers.

Thread checker

Once that was done, I attempted to install the axles using the longer bolts. One of the other builders told me that the screws were often tight and that he used an impact gun to set and remove the screws once which is a lot easier to do before the transaxle in the car. In any event, I was able to get one thread started with my fingers and then it got real tight. So I pulled out the impact gun and was about to pull the trigger when I began to think that it was too tight... STOP, THINK... better get the thread checker. They sent M10-1.25 screws and should have sent M10-1.5. So the right sized screw with the wrong thread. Check twice, install once -- or profanity and crying will be involved. It's important to have a thread checker and I've found mine invaluable.

Mounting plate

I also mounted the transaxle top plate with six M8-1.25 x 25 mm screws and washers. Next step is to temporarily mount the transaxle, weld mounting tabs to the top plate and rear suspension cross brace and then install the axles when the correct bolts arrive.