Fuel Flow

I received several questions on my build thread regarding fuel flow capacity.

What GPH / LPM is the pump rated at in order to support their 1800 hp?

Fuelab’s marketing indicates 190 GPH (720 LPH ) at 45 psi (3.1 bar). However, every pump has a serial number and comes with a printed certification sheet. The following is a scan of mine. Looking at the results, my pump flows enough fuel for 1,800HP at around 75 psi, assuming that gives you enough boost headroom.

What low pressure pump will you run to keep the Radium surge tank full?

I'm a little over 1,000HP so I don't need to worry about feeding a 1,800HP monster. Assuming a Brake-specific Fuel Consumption (BSFC) of 0.65 at wide-open throttle (WOT)

GPH at WOT = (1,000 * 0.65) / 6 = 108.3

I used a Holly 12-125 because it worked well for my layout (it's vertical) and it seems to have a good track record. It is rated at 125 GPH free flow and 110 GPH at 7 PSI. So, In theory it can keep pace with WOT consumption if the pressure is in the surge tank is around 7 PSI. That said, I can't imagine applying 1,000HP for long in a SL-C, particularly in a sweeper that starves the low-pressure pump.

Radium's documentation "generally recommends a [lift] pump with a rated flow of 400+ LPH." That's 106 GPH which a little less than the Holly's spec.