Front Sway Bar Drop Link Redo

In a previous post I replaced the front sway bar that was mounted to the top of the monocoque with one that’s mounted to the nose tube structure. Although the drop links are a lot shorter, they connect to the lower control arm in the same location. However, I replaced the stock clevis with a custom chromoly bracket. The clevis was mounted with a single bolt that focused the drop link’s forces between the shock mounting pin and the chassis. The bracket distributes these forces outbound towards the hub. It is mounted with two bolts; one closer to the shock mounting pin and the other between the pin and the hub.

The pockets machined into the control arm are great to look at, but they’re a real pain in the ass when you want to mount something because you need to be careful where the holes are located. In particular, you need to avoid the chamfer unless you’re going to machine the hole on a mill. As shown in the picture below 3/8” holes were drilled into the pockets that straddle the shock mounting pin. I fabricated a 1/4” aluminum spacer to pad the bracket above the shock mounting pin (the notch shows where the interfere is). On the underside there is no room in the pocket for a bolt head, let alone a washer, so I fabricated plates out of 1/8” chromoly to span the pockets.