Nose Box 1.2

The tube frame around the nose box is almost done. As you can see in the picture below diagonal tubes were added to mount the sway bar, four 1/8”-thick tabs were added to each side to mount the vertical aluminum panels, tube gussets were installed where the top tubes meet the monocoque and a 1/8” plate gusset was was added to the tow hook bracket. The next step is to add two tube that connect sides; one on the floor behind the radiator and one at the top near the monocoque and four gussets to reinforce the bar that crosses in front of the radiator.

The sway bar’s pillow blocks are mounted to 3/16” steel plates supported by three 1/8” gussets. The Wazer was really useful cutting out the gussets. They’re small and would have been a pain to make by hand. The center gussets are 3/32” shorter than than the end gussets. As you can see if the pictures below, the pre-welding fitment was perfect — just like all of my tube notches LOL. The tube collar’s OD was taller than the pillow block’s offset and they were biding on the steel mounting plate. A 1/8” thick aluminum spacer solved that issue.