Fuel Filler

Superlite provides a nice Sparco fuel filler cover. However, because I added a supercharger, the fuel funnel was t-boning the induction tube and the throttle body. Most SL-C builders simply clamp a flex hose to the fuel funnel and run it on the engine side of the 2” x 2” chassis tube, but the only way to make it work in my situation was to modify the funnel which is made of thin, spun aluminum. It’s a good thing that Abe can do that type of welding in his sleep, because I would have burned right through it. The steps were as follows:

  • Cut the filler neck (see red “X” in picture below).

  • Weld a piece of aluminum to close the opening.

  • Drill a 2” hole in the bottom corner (a funky angle).

  • Weld the 2” tube into the outside and the inside of the hole.

  • Add a bead to help hold the flex tube in place.

I’m very happy with how it worked out. It easily clears the chassis and I think it will actually work better than the standard approach because the fuel stream is pointed down into the tank rather than into a 90-degree bend. In addition, the fuel tank inlet has a 2” diameter and the funnel has a wider (I believe 2-1/4” ) diameter. The discrepancy is typically solved by the use of an adapter and a set of clamps. By using a 2” tube I didn’t need the adapter or clamps.