Hydraulic Lift Reservior

Action-packed video with professional voice over

Two posts ago I showed a video of a hydraulic lift test, but I've posted it here again just in case you missed the action-packed sequence:-)

When I removed the shocks I realized that there was no easy way to disconnect the hydraulic lines which means that oil gets everywhere and that I need to re-bleed the system when I put it back together. To solve these issues I purchased some quick disconnects which are tested to 15,000 psi. They enable me to quickly disconnect the hydraulic rams without any fluid leaking.

In addition, I decided to upgrade the hydraulic fluid reservoir from 3/8" push-on barbs to proper -6 AN fittings and hose. I spent a fair amount of time looking for reservoir with AN fittings to no avail. So I decided to modify the supplied one. I purchased a -6 AN Fuel Cell Bulkhead Adapter Fitting from Vibrant Performance which came with a nut and two PFTE washers. I removed the barb with a Dremel cut-off wheel, sanded the bottom flat and then carefully enlarged the hole. The nut was too big to fit so I had to grind it round and press fit it. Now I can sleep better knowing I have a proper AN fitting:-)

The reservoir bracket as supplied is on the left. The hex nut and two PFTE washers are on the right. Note that the nut has already been ground round and that only one of the PTFE washers was used.