Scale Model


My blog aspirations took a major hit last week when my mom unsubscribed. Apparently my content was mundane and deleting the occasional email notification was a burden. She claims that it was an accident, but I have my doubts — my therapist is on the fence as to her real motivation:-)

At least when I didn’t like her liquid-margin-covered, boiled brussel sprouts I just hid them in a napkin! In any event, I’m now free to openly confess that I abhor boiled brussel sprouts, but I actually like properly-seasoned broiled brussel sprouts and I adore Kentucky Fried Chicken (don’t tell her).

So, in the spirit of more interesting content I thought I’d share a video that Kevin made about 3D printing a model of my car. As you might recall he’s designing the new tail and he wanted to see what it looked like in real-D. He makes some great points on how to optimize orientation to reduce print time and material wasted on support structure while also improving print quality.