No Bullshit Fuel Filter

You gotta love a company like Injector Dynamics who puts the following on their home page and then walks-the-walk by offering innovative products backed by data:

As a results based engineering company, we have a STRICT no BS policy. Our product information is backed by data, and sound engineering principles. Our strict adherence to facts has earned the respect of many, but our willingness to call BS when we see it has created a great deal of controversy. We accept this controversy as a small price to pay for holding the industry to a higher standard, and we will continue to push for a motorsport community that makes decisions based on facts, not buzzwords, nonsense, or outright falsehoods.

I saw this video made by the company's founder over a year ago and have been hounding them since. They don't have it on their site for sale yet, but I just got mine in the mail today...

Note that "April" was for 2016... they didn't want to release it until they had it right which is fine by me.

It came very well packed in a large box packed with the starch-based peanuts so they score well with environmentalists as well as my kids who love to dissolve them in the sink. I'll only outline what's in the video and this spec sheet:

  • Only filter I've see with actual testing data;
  • Meets Bosch's specification for the protection of fuel injectors
  • Holds a high-level of contaminants while maintaing low restriction to flow
  • Delta pressure gauge indicates how clogged the the element is
  • Schrader valve to relieve pressure and drain gas
  • Spin on/off canister with no-tool safety latch
  • Optional pressure and temp block and sensor
  • Integrated mounting bracket