First 3D Print of Tail Light Bezel

This is the first 3D print of the bezel that wraps the OEM bezel that I cut and filed down. The printer needs to be tweaked and we ran out of black filament, so the finish isn't great. However, it's good for the first attempt.

Some observations:

  • The triangular recess in the bottom right was added to provide a rectangular shape with a flat bottom. It will be filled with a piece of red reflector cut via laser.
  • The bottom middle is a little too wide. I'm thinking about thinning the top of the reflector triangle and perhaps creating a recess beyond the tip of the reflector.
  • I haven’t found the courage yet to cut the curve out of the left side of the OEM bezel yet, but that needs to happen. When that's done  the bottom left of the printed bezel will be vertical/straight with no curve. Before I do that, I want to be pretty sure that a 3D-printed bezel will likely work.