Man Card Revoked?

Over vacation, whenever I was taking too long to get in the chilly ocean water, my daughter would threaten to revoke my man card. Today that got me to pondering,

"If I get as excited about garage cabinets as my wife does about kitchen cabinets, is my man card going to be revoked?"

I'm sure you're wondering what the catalyst was for this 'deep' introspection.. it was Joe from Motorhead Extraordinaire who installed a new set of Lista cabinets. They support 440 pounds per drawer and are what the aerospace guys use, so I did an appropriate number of Tool Man Tim grunts... and, yeah the man card is safe for today LOL.

The bench height resulted in the drill press being too tall (top right picture), so I cut the pole by a little over 8". I also had to modify the the table rack to fit in the reduced space. The 14" Metal Devil blade cut them both like butter... look how smooth the cut was in the bottom left picture (that's without any filing). I only needed to do minor deburring and beveling. Nothing like having the right tools.