New Friends

I've met a lot of great people chasing the SL-C dream and two of them, Will and Peter, stayed over for a couple of days to help out with the car. We discussed many things, found issues with parts and discovered some big challenges to think through. For example, the supercharger intake tube interferes with the gas fill tube (car kinda needs gas), the condenser was damaged during shipping, the evaporator won't fit due to the custom track-day bars, the banjo couplings on the brake calipers needs to be machined to fit BremboGTs which are much larger than the stock brakes, etc. Even these set backs represent progress because you can't solve them until you find them!

On the one step forward side, we cut an opening in the tail for the rear window. While the window hasn't been fitted yet, you can in the second picture that the carbon fiber vents have been fitted (but not installed). They are beautiful pieces and help mitigate one of the largest challenges with a mid-engine car -- keeping the engine cool. Cinder inspected them and she certainly thinks they're cool!

We were also able to get the majority of hard brakes lines and clutch line mounted to the chassis with some nice red clips from Made 4 U Products. The passenger-side rear brake line needs to be cut and flared for a better fit and the line running behind the fuel tank will need more clips installed, but that will have to wait until the engine is pulled.