Good Project for Hot Day

It was hot and humid which presented a good opportunity to remove all metal chips and dust from the fuel tank. The NPT openings were sealed with brass plugs and the fuel filler opening was sealed with this rubber end cap from Home Depot. The tank was filled with water via fuel-level sender opening and Connor was recruited help spill it out of the tank. The first rinse didn't result in any debris that I could see, but my OCD required that do it three times. Connor was having fun and he demanded that we do it a fourth time, so it's one clean tank.

When then tank was dry, I poured several cups of acetone into the tank and sloshed it around on all sides to remove any residue. 

The fuel-level sender provided in the kit is very nice. It is customized to take the unique shape of the tank into account and it measures capacitance so it has no  moving parts. The sender was mounted with five 10-24 bolts, #10 washers and the supplied cork gasket. Loctite 442 (aka blue Loctite), which is compatible with fuel, was applied to the threads.