Bezel and Tail

Laser-cut plywood bezel outline

I was originally planning massive modifications to the tail to fit the tail lights, but now that the bezels have been fully cut back I realize that they can be made to fit with much less work. To get them to blend properly, I need to extended the bezel. As can been seen in the picture, this results in a lopsided triangle which can be seen on the right side of the bezel. The plan is to try and fit a backup light into this space and if that doesn't work a reflector or a combination of the two. While this simplifies the amount of fiberglass work, it's resulted in a lot of internet searching for lights that can be modified to fit.

The driver-side tail hinge was hitting the body and nearly a quarter inch of its profile needed to be removed. Despite being made of ¼"  steel, the belt sander made short work of it.

I then cut the original tail light box out of the tail... this resulted in a huge hole. The next step is to take a mold of this section so that I can make a copy, cut it up (as opposed to the original), fill in the hole with clay, shape the clay to its final form, take a mold of the new profile, make a part from that, then splice that into the tail. Then repeat it all on the other side... that should be easier because I'll have figured out what to do LOL.