Priority Items

  • Sway bars... I need to take measurements for next set of parts

  • Fran indicated that he was going to send me some revised suspension parts because there isn't enough clearance for the rear Brembo brakes.

  • Backburner Items

  • Shift cables (waiting until I can take measurement)

  • Nose hinge: Note that I bought one from PeterV, so I think I'm all set


I would like the simple 2D “SL-C” logo that is on tail of car, Grifter had a sticker made, etc. (I’m not looking for Will’s swanky 3D one). I am having some parts made and would like to use the proper logo. I could have someone recreate it but that undermines the SL-C brand. I also would like to upload it to the manual with an appropriate message on how it should be used (only on someone’s personal SL-C) so that others can have it.


The situation with the brake package is beyond my belief. There is no packing list and the manual is 100% deficient in this area. So Icreated a packing list and sent it to Scott and Fran (it can be down loaded below). Scott's response was that there would never be a packing list but that Online Tube would "guarantee" that all parts would be in that packages. I have now sent upwards of 8 emails, three phone conversations and this web page all to no avail in this area. After speaking with several other SL-C builders the general consensus is that if I could buy the parts elsewhere to do so because that will be significantly faster and less painful that dealing with RCR. So that's what I have done. I am extremely unhappy about how this very simple matter has been handled, but unlike other areas I can solve this one on my own.


Brembo GTs

You indicated that I needed a modified suspension piece for each rear brake; Will sent you an email because he thinks it’s two pieces per rear brake; please let me know the names for these piece(s) because I’m working with Will on new build sheet / packing list that will include all of these variants.

Hard Lines

The revised hard lines that were sent to aren't even close to fitting. I've had both Allan and Will look at them so this isn't my issue. At this point my understanding is that I'm to throw way the majority of what was sent to me and build my own from scratch.

Coolant Tube / BRake lines

The stainless coolant tubes are beautifully welded and they fit the chassis like a glove which is good. Here is picture of passenger side (driver’s side is same).

However, they are so tight that they interfere with the brakes lines on the corner. In fact after mounting the brake lines I can’t get the coolant tube to sit properly. This is probably exacerbated by the special plastic clips that I and many other builders use, but we’re only talking about a couple of 16s. IMO it would be much better to have the brake lines run above the coolant tube from the nose to at least where the first junction is (i.e., just the two pieces that we already need to fix). That gets them out of the critical corner where the pipe was welded to sit.While not apparent in that picture the bend in the brake line is the priary issue, not the clip.