I ordered a roll of Reflect-A-GOLD tape today. It's a metalized polyimide laminated to glass cloth which is good at reflecting radiant heat. When I first saw I thought it was over the top, but it's recently started to grow on me. I'm now thinking about using it on the tube frame in the engine compartment like the car in the picture below.

That got me to wondering if the over exposure to Trump has had an effect on my senses. Reflect-A-GOLD has a lot in common with Trump:

  • An affinity for flashy gold
  • Ability to reflect heat
  • Tacky
  • Thin in terms of substance

Apparently it's easy to install. but time consuming and difficult to get a clean, wrinkle free result like the car above. I'm a perfectionist and I'm a little concerned that that after a bunch of hair pulling I might wind up with a Trump hairdo in addition to a Trump-like engine compartment!